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There’s so much more to successful kicking and punting than the physical environment. GDK’s knowledgeable team has created a collection of short courses that are essential to a kicker’s/punter's success. These courses are offered online, or in a classroom setting. Tailored for the individual or for a group, these specific detail-oriented lessons will provide players with the knowledge needed to evolve as a kicker/punter. Apply the knowledge learned to your own game, or be a leader on the team and share your wisdom to enlighten others.

Each course duration: 45 minutes

Course 1:  A Guide to College Recruitment


Course 2: Life as a Student Athlete

Photo Sep 02, 4 57 24 PM.jpg

Course 3: Game Day Management

Photo Oct 02, 1 11 01 PM.jpg

Course 4: Performing Under Pressure

Photo Sep 02, 6 19 40 PM.jpg

Course 5: Cultivating Confidence

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