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Playing college sports in the United States really is the opportunity and experience of a lifetime. If it is your goal to play in college, or you are already in college and looking to transfer, Gameday Kicking is committed to helping you make your dreams a reality. As part of the Gameday Kicking family you will be supported and educated on college recruitment and the process you have to go through to earn a scholarship. Whether you need advice on how to communicate with coaches, game/training film production and editing, social media tools, international VISA processes, or generic questions on life as a student-athlete, GDK has the answers you need. GDK coaches have successfully navigated the process and will pass that wisdom onto you.



Gameday Kicking does all the hard work for you, making your recruitment process efficient and effortless. GDK leaves no stone unturned, and will guide your student athletes through the entire process.  GDK kickers and punters go through comprehensive training, to ensure they are prepared both physically and mentally for all aspects of college football- both in the classroom and on the field. 

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