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Gameday Kicking has partnered with Pinnacle Performance, an industry-leading health and fitness consultancy service based in the United Kingdom. This service provides players with position specific, elite health and fitness training as well as first-class strength and conditioning coaching. Pinnacle Performance works closely with players to ensure your individualized fitness programmes are specifically tailored to your needs, helping you to attain, achieve and advance your objectives.  This begins with a comprehensive initial consultation and physical assessment of you as an athlete. This involves taking a close look at your injury history, training experience, body composition, posture, body movement, and much more.


In addition, players have access to nutritional coaching. Pinnacle Performance offers coaching on food choices, meal plans, information on calories and nutrients, and specific guidance on how to achieve your goals within your lifestyle.

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What We Offer:


Pre-season, In-season and Post season training plans  


12-week bespoke comprehensive training plans


Customized mobility-specific or flexibility-specific training plans 


One time nutrition consultation for your specific needs


Nutrition coaching and meal plan packages

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